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Why Vinod Khanna Is So Popular in the Film Industry

Vinod Khanna was a prominent Indian politician, actor, producer, and singer active in Hindi movies during the 1980s. He is best remembered for his Hindi films like Baahubali, Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, Dilba, Khaleja, Kya Kool Hain Humko, and Magadheera.

He was also the target of several controversies, most famously, his association with the RSS and its armed wing, the ABVP. He served two terms as the Member of Parliament from Gudafragadh in Maharashtra, and later on, he became the Chief Minister of Orissa.

Vinita Panchami is the pen name of the late Hindi film star Vinod Khanna. She went on to play opposite Anushka Shetty in the comedy hit Baahubali. Panchami also appeared in the Hindi horror film Bhaidooj (The Gate) and the action-thriller Dhananat. Most importantly, she played a pivotal role in the epic Baahubali movie.

Known for his unconventional clothing choice (he liked to wear sarees), Khanna always had an aura of mystery about him. It was this mysterious image that made him a favorite amongst the film fraternity.

His association with the RSS and ABVP made him a controversial figure, even more so, when news of his involvement in killing Indian politician Hem Chandra Muna was leaked to the media. The communal riots in Mumbai over the incident eventually resulted in the cancellation of his film contract.

Though he never shirked away from controversy, Vinod did try to mark the Hindi film industry. One of his first major roles was in the film Baahubali. The Hindi film industry lost a great talent when he refused to sign for the role of Shiva in the movie. Instead, he decided to plunge into the Hindi literature field.

While making a name for himself in the literary world, Khanna also tried his hand at screenwriting, adapting Jamshedaraji Pillai’s story into a novel and later into a play.

The late 1980s saw some changes in the career of Vinod. He joined hands with Sharukh Kamin and Mani Ratnam in the film “When Harry Met Sally.” Though the film failed to do well at the box office, it did enjoy good reviews and did well in the ratings. His starring role followed this in the fantasy film “Mankatha,” a box office hit.

After making few more films, Khanna has settled down into the realm of character-oriented movies. A quintessential example of his character-oriented work is Kangana Rana, which won him Best Actor awards at both the Cannes and New York film festivals.

Apart from these films, Khanna has also been featured in several Hindi television serials, including Kaatrava, Aditi, Sankara, and more. All the same, he is primarily a character actor and not a character-oriented star.

Most people believe that Khanna has gone soft on his characters. This is a misconception that could not be further from the truth. He has shown his feelings through his films without shying away from giving some supporting scenes. He even appeared in a few action films, although these were lighthearted affairs.

For every action film, there must have been at least two characters oriented films. These character-oriented films have been his best work to date.

Films in this genre are generally formulaic, but that doesn’t mean they don’t entertain. Far From Home and Vendetta have two films, each directed by an individual team and starred by different actors while earning good box office returns.

Overall, Khanna has established himself as one of the most talented Indian actors of our times. His films have a consistently high success rate that speaks volumes about the audience’s acceptance of him in the film industry. Once he is at the top, there is no doubt he will continue to make waves in this genre.

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