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The capital city of Rajasthan, Rajasthan Holidays, is synonymous with delicious Rajasthani cuisine & the most sought after delicacies are Paratha, Kayanthali and Khatta. You can experience the mouthwatering food of this region by travelling to Shishir.

This destination is the epicentre of delicious Rajasthani food in India. It has numerous restaurants that serve mouthwatering delicacies from every part of the country. If you are looking for some of the best restaurants serving mouthwatering Rajasthani delicacies, then you should head to Shishir.

Shishir is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This region of Rajasthan is also one of the largest benefactors of globalization. It has one of the most significant numbers of garment factories and textiles manufacturers in the country. All these factors have resulted in the emergence of one of the most extensive varieties of foods, cuisines and dishes in this region.

Although this region of Rajasthan is famous for its rich culture, it does not mean that it is bland or less tasty. Instead, it is all about innovation and unique food styles. The food of Shishor is famous for its use of spices and the bold aroma of these ingredients.

The foods are also very indulgent in their usage of oil and butter.The food of Shishor is famous for its unique cooking techniques. A typical meal in this region is a massive spread of assorted vegetables accompanied by steamed rice and meat.

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Dishes are marinated in curries and spices and served with spicy gravy. Other popular cuisines here include Brahma, Hindi, Nepali and Keli flavours. These dishes are often accompanied by side dishes such as butter pickles, dry fruits, sweets and curries.

Although the cuisine of Shishor is famous in the northern region of Rajasthan, people from other states such as Gujarat and Punjab have also begun to enjoy its food. There has been an influx of Bengali and South Indian food varieties into this region over the last few decades.

The Bengalis and the South Indians bring a lot of spice to their curries and desserts. Punjabis have been known to make use of authentic Indian gourmet ingredients for making their curries and dishes.

But perhaps one of the most popular meals of Shishor is that of Barfi. It is a particular type of rice cooked in a unique style and then layered with other ingredients, like beans and potatoes.

Barfi is a staple diet in this region, and its preparation is a significant part of the social events. When it comes to desserts, the desserts of Shishor are famous all over the world. These include Roshogolla, Cham-Cham, Pista, Millefiori and Yav-Kshar.

Some of Rajasthan Holidays’ famous restaurants are Bamboo Hut, Cholamandalam, Cutthroat Grill, Leela Palace, Mantra’s Palace of Fine Food. These restaurants are renowned for their wide variety of cuisines and local ingredients like turmeric and red chilli powder.

All these make the food extraordinarily famous and liked by all.Another significant thing about this region is that one can eat with full enjoyment and liberty here. This is because of the availability of restaurants and eateries in every nook and corner of the region.

One can indulge in different tastes and flavours and be able to combine several dishes. If you want to spend your Rajasthan holidays in the lap of luxury, you should plan your trip to this part of the country.There are several things that you can do and experience in and around Shishir. One of the significant things that you can do here is enjoying a delicious mouthwatering dinner.

The best part about dining in this region is that one can have exquisite local and international cuisines at the same time. You can try Sambar, Jaagty, Katti Paruppu, Bhel Puri, Kulfi Mehen and many other delicacies of the famous Indian cuisine. Apart from cuisines, one can also enjoy numerous other activities such as trekking in the region, horse riding, fishing, trekking, polo etc.

One of the most famous attractions of Rajasthan Holidays is its famous forts. The palaces and forts of this region are genuinely magnificent and captivating. One of the most prominent forts of this region is the Chittorgarh Fort. Also, you can have a glimpse of the beautiful dunes and floral gardens.

If you want to enjoy your holidays in this region, you should opt for the heritage hotels that are available here. Many tourists love staying in these heritage hotels, as these provide them with a beautiful chance to enjoy some of the authentic Rajasthani hospitality. Therefore, visiting and staying in these hotels will give you a lifetime experience, and you will surely not want to leave this region soon.

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