Mukhtaran Mai tribute third day of Fashion Week

Modest and simple, head hung, wearing a delightful weaved kameez shalwar,Mukhtaran Mai tribute third day of Fashion Week, she was taken by the hand by originator Rozina Munib when the last turned out for her last bow. Together, they strolled down the runway.

Mukhtaran Mai tribute third day of Fashion Week

How could the group not given Mukhtaran an overwhelming applause? How could individuals not have sat tight in expectation for Rozina’s showcase, the second last of the day, when something else, a first-time showcase never inspires much interest?

Form weeks can be splendid business occasions and present high mold minutes yet the insignificant self images that litter them can get tiring. One needed to cheer wholeheartedly for Mukhtaran, a survivor going to bat for what’s privilege.

This is what we considered Day 3:

1:Nida Azwer

[ads1]As a matter of fact, Nida Azwer won us over quickly when she had Ali Sethi going onto the catwalk at the onset of her show and afterward remaining there for an expansive piece of it, singing some of his hit numbers. Ali wore all red however what really held the eyes was the shawl he had hung around his shoulders, including a zoological garden of creatures, figures, royal residences, Mughal lords and landscape, in the daintiest of string weavings. It set the state of mind for the show, where regularly, art was the highlight.

Ali Sethi (left) may have stolen the spotlight from the models in Nida Azwer’s showcase


Nida’s propensity for vegetation, fauna and chasing scenes was carved delightfully with antique zardozi converged with sequins, gem and itemized string work.

The outlines were for the most part present day running the range from organized coats with intriguing origami points of interest to organza wraps, culottes, off-shoulder shirts, look a-boo plums and unavoidably, lengths. Maybe the cut of the garments could have been better however by and large, Nida’s “Alankara” was a champ.

2:Saira Rizwan

Outlining wedding-wear is dubious, essentially on the grounds that one needs to strike a harmony between the tense and the retail-accommodating. Slip a lot into mass-driven components and the garments look person on foot; dig too profoundly into the bleeding edge and the traditional necessities of your customer base don’t get mollified.


One comprehends that Saira Rizwan has a thriving business sector for her wedding wear yet for mold week, she ought to have moved past what she offers and developed with art or outline. Her plans neglected to make an impression.

3:Deepak and Fahad

One has watched Deepak and Fahad showcasing accumulations form after quite a while, dallying into Eastern motivations and Western, now and then wavering decidedly a lot of towards, weathering awful surveys yet skipping back again versatile.


It was, subsequently, cheering to see the accumulation they put out this FEW. Complex kurtas, coats and sherwanis were organized in a illuminatingly controlled palette involving ivories, whites, dull greens, grays and tea pinks.While the creased long kurtas were a bit too finery for our taste, the assortment of brings down was intriguing, extending from the staid straight pajama to the chooridar, the dhoti shalwar and the tulip.

[ads1]One likewise appreciated a portion of the looks on the catwalk; an all-blue kurta and chooridar set combined with a printed petticoat in a similar shading or Shehzad Noor in a white kurta with a blue dhoti shalwar and coordinating jacket. Very wearable for the man who needs to look loco however keep the look unobtrusive.

Gem Mohsin Abbas Haider looked extraordinary taking all things together white with a cream-shaded petticoat. combo has been done to death and by the third day of FPW, one was genuinely tired of seeing maroon velvet shawls.

Another glaring glitch was the attack of the garments. Great fitting is basic to menswear and Deepak and Fahad bumbled a considerable amount with curiously large shoulders and jeans that didn’t fall well. Their outline tasteful has unquestionably advanced, now Deepak and Fahad need to take it encourage. The garments worn by the other work of art – Faysal Qureshi – weren’t as amazing. The all-biege sherwani and kurta

4:Republic Women swear

What a substantial obligation wedding accumulation this was! Luxury textures were loaded down with swathes of weaving on a generally dark palette, crossing the valima jora and exceptionally formal trousseau.The weaving may have been perplexing however there was nothing surprising about Republic Menswear’s outlines.


The weaving may have been perplexing however there was nothing surprising about Republic Womenswear outlines

Republic Womenswear might be a juvenile brand, propelled by Omar Farooq of Republic menswear popularity, however it has picked up a fortress over its market decently fast. The brand even gives the choice of acquiring formal wedding wear right off the rack – Omar Farooq is nothing if not retail sagacious! One likewise hears that the name’s costs are extremely reasonable contrasted with other fashioner brands.

Having said this, Republic Womenswear FPW line was unreasonably commonplace: the boleros, peplums, dupattas tucked into belts and even the palette has been seen umpteen times some time recently. The weaving may have been unpredictable yet once more, there was nothing surprising about it.

This brand has unquestionably picked up individuals’ consideration, now it needs to enhance and build up its own mark so that their group of onlookers stays bolted over the long haul.

5:Rozina Munib

Rozina Munib should be praised for previous superstar works of art and rather, highlighting Mukhtara Mai in her form week make a big appearance. One wishes that she had likewise attempted to raise the stakes with her outlines.The capes, tulip shalwars, lehngas, cigarette pants and flared jeans will offer well yet did not have the bleeding edge components that make an accumulation emerge.



Additionally, the gathering ought to have been considered with more prominent affectability. There were a lot of uncovered navels, off-shoulder tops and meager saris in Rozina’s outlines. Mukhtaran, remaining with head secured on one side of the catwalk, appeared to be totally strange as the models trooped out.

[ads1]Rozina had a remarkable opportunity to introduction and make waves. She didn’t generally figure out how to.

6:Nauman Arfeen

Furthermore, for the finale, there was Nauman Arfeen, distinctively opening his show with some charming youngsters who were cheerfully up long past their sleep times. The young ladies wore matha-pattis and lehngas; the young men came in smaller than expected turbans and sherwanis. The cellphone cameras clicked and Instagram hummed – what better approach to fascinate your group of onlookers?



The originator has progressively figured out how to display menswear that is retail cordial but then simple on the eyes. Nauman’s groomswear was exquisite, in a quelled palette, sans a weaving overdose.The utilization of jamawar and print emphasized the more formal plans keeping in mind one got chicken looked at by the widespread utilization of red velvet at , Shahzad Noor cut a fine figure in it.

One can likewise observe the retail potential in the wedding wear worn by the young men. Eastern wedding wear for youngsters is absolutely a lucrative market and Nauman has understood this. Considerably less fascinating were the garments worn by the young ladies. Nor was the woman swear amazing, battling through fitting issues and weaving that played it very ‘sheltered’.

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