Top Eye Makeup Trends For Fall/ Winter 2020-2021

If you feel inspired this season to try out new eye makeup trends in winter 2020 techniques, this is the ideal place to find the perfect look for yourself! Unveil the potential to you, get your creative hat on, and check out the excellent winter eye makeup trends of 2016/2017 below.

 Sultry Smoky Eyes Makeup Trends Winter 2020.

The smoky eyes are here to stay forever! Nevertheless, this season, try out the smudgy smoky eyes in dark browns and deep blacks’ shades. Pair it with your pencil eyeliners and long lash mascaras. Opt for classic red lips for parties, and perhaps, soft pink lips for general get-together and meetups.


Most Likely Didn’t Know About Spicy Purple Eyes.

Purple is deep, and it cannot look as appealing in any other season than winters. Indulge yourselves in the exquisite makeup regime, which is unique, mysterious, and out of the box! Play around with your purple eyeshades and ultimate purple gel eyeliners and flaunt away!

Reasons Why People Love The Mesh Eyes

makeup trends winter 2020

These inimitable mesh eyes are ruling the internet these days by the storm. Perfect for winters, these eyes look ideal when paired with long coats and sleek boots. Grab a lemon bag or a piece of mesh and use it as a template for the eyelids. Place the mesh on the eyelids and paint your eyes in browns, blacks, blues, and what not! Either leave them simple or opt for a striking eyeliner and a curling mascara. Voila!

Glittery Tears Makeup Trends 2021 Effectively.

The glitter tears are perfect for winter parties and kids’ birthdays. While models keep it simple and teary at the lower edge of the eyes with glitter particles and small embellishments, another way to style your eyes is by applying a matching eye shadow first. Style your overall look by wearing a beautiful pink lipstick or indulging in the supremacy of reds, maroons, and burgundies.

Rock Star Eyes Latest Makeup Trends 2020 In Pakistan

Love rock n roll? Perfect! Head to the next concert with the ideal eye makeup! Create ultimate dramatic, rock star eyes by grabbing dark eyeshades and blending them up in style. If your eyes are small, wear your eyeshades in a winged-up way while creating an extra outer edge to them. Awesome right? Check out how the model wears the eyeliner below her eyes near the tear ducts. That is one way to carry a brand new watch look these winters!

 Things To Know About The Smoky Side Décor

Feeling creative? Awesome! This unique winter party style is here to take everyone’s breath away. While we all love smoky eyes, why not add elements of surprise to them? These innocent decorative eyes give an outstanding first impression when you are a host at a dinner party. Forget the conventional ways and pop out the creative side of you! Pair these magnificent eyes with crystal embellishments and create a snowy effect in an instant.

Shimmery Shades

Tired of wearing the boring old matte eyeshades? Fret not. Pamper your technique by trying out the shimmery, glossy eyes for once. While the shimmery eyes can create an overdo in the summers, you should be lucky as winters are just around the corner. If you are not a fan of the gold or the silver, grab onto the shimmery, gel eye shades in the hues of blues, purples, greens, glitters, or even soft pearls. Choose to either leave your eyes glossed up or pair them up with a prominent eyeliner.

60’s Inspiration

Are you a fan of the ’60s? If yes, then you are in for a real treat. The ’60s was full of fashion, unique styles, and definitely, gorgeous carriage. Mimic the supremacy of the past via your eye makeup and flaunt away. Check out how the double eyeliner is getting the attention once again, and this time, it is not subtle. Create an outline of your beautiful eyes with eyeliner’s help and build wings on the outer edges. While you are in the styling, don’t forget to create three to four diagonal lines on the lower lash line!

Gold is Exceptional

If you are not a makeup like me, ditch the norm and create a soft, natural look for your next night out. Check out how Kim Kardashian shows her makeup skills by wearing simple gold makeup trends in winter 2020 and pairing it with false eyelashes and rosy cheeks.

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