Kunchacko Boban-Bio, Height & Life Story, Age, Wiki

Boban Kunchakai is one of the most recognized martial arts kung fu from Mongolia. Boban was a nomadic warrior and son of a chief, who was famous for his amazing skills with a bow and arrow. He went on to make an enormous name in the martial arts world, training and teaching many diverse styles of kung fu. He was also a talented singer and also became a Buddhist monk. He is best known for teaching the principles of the Karate style of Kung Fu.

Kunchacko Boban Bio

Kunchacko Boban-Bio, Height & Life Story, Age, Wiki
The man who taught me about Boban was a very wise old man. I learned a great deal from him. On that day, he may have been a hundred or a thousand years old, but he spoke very simply and impartially. He could see things in people that perhaps only I could see. He shared many wisdom pieces with me, and to this day, I remember many of them.

One of Boban’s great talents was his skill as a singer. While he was in training to become a kung fu practitioner, he managed to attract attention from audiences by performing at various places. Some of his songs were so well received that they are still popular today.

Kunchacko Boban Height

On a personal note, I think that anyone who knows Boban knows that he was a wonderful person, who cared deeply about his students. To see a student who was seeking advancement in their martial art was a truly humbling experience. I could always see the dedication that it took just to keep Boban on track. It was obvious that he had the ability to achieve far greater things than most people.

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Boban studied with many legendary kung fu masters. I especially enjoyed his teachings with Yen Yul. They shared a deep respect and admiration for each other.


During his final years, Boban was very ill. He made one last visit to his mentor, Chow Yen. He passed away shortly after this. A few days before his death, his assistant brought news that Boban had passed on. He had indeed been a great example of patience, kindness, and hard work.


When I met Boban, he came to my class with his head held high. He exuded the confidence and poise of someone who had attained almost every accomplishment you could imagine. He had achieved a high level of black belt training. He had trained with some of the greatest kung fu masters in the world. He had lived an exceptional life all these years.

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Now, when I am asked about Boban the teacher, I refer to him as Boban the Mentor. I can remember a meeting I had with an Asian art school in California a few years ago when one of their teachers asked me about Boban the Mentor. I agreed with the statement and then added that he was indeed a true mentor.


That is what martial arts are really about. Individuals who have striven to make a difference in their line of work, have striven to better themselves. Someone who has achieved great success, but has not allowed it to define them. Someone who has overcome tremendous odds, and yet has not let it diminish him. Boban the Mentor is one of the few, who has achieved both, and I am proud to say that he is my friend.


Boban had the same body structure as Bruce Lee, and Bruce Lee had the same spirit. It is interesting to note that Lee did not carry his kung fu bag like Boban. He did not tuck it under his shirt, nor did he use it only for protection. He knew that it was part of his gift, and he used it to help others.


Let us compare these two gentlemen. Boban could have walked into a bookstore and purchased a book on how to box a tiger, and he would have been successful. Bruce Lee could have entered a library and found a book on chiks. He might even have found a how to book on how to box a tiger. However, Bruce Lee chose to share this information, and he did so gladly.


You might be thinking, “Well, anyway, Boban had no need for that kung fu, and he didn’t have the strength.” This may very well have been true, but he also had no need to protect his body with it. His life was all about learning and sharing. He did not need his kung fu to do that. His life was all about sharing the beautiful philosophy of kung fu with others.



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