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Tamil Nee Yod My! The True Face of Jayasurya


Jayasurya is a South Indian actor, movie producer, singer, director, and multi-instrumental artiste, who first acted in Tamil cinema before making his English language debut in Hindi films. After leaving the Hindi industry he joined British animation production company Pixar where he worked on the animated film Finding Nemo.

He later went on to act in a number of English language films such as Gran Torino and Anastasia: In Search of Something Gold. He has since gone on to star in his own musicals, and also in an episode of The Simpsons.

A tall dark man with curly hair and a gentle face, Jayasurya is best known for his voice. He sings songs, including hits like “Swinging happiness” and “Where Has My Little Dog Gone.” Most of his songs have been recorded in Malayalam, though he has also produced and performed live in many Tamil cinema festivals.

His song, “Iruvar,” which was played at the opening ceremony of the Songkran Festival, received widespread praise in the local audience and the world over. In fact, the song became a national hit, as it is one of the most melodious songs from Tamil literature.

Another attribute that comes across consistently in Jayasurya’s performances is his wonderful sense of rhythm. He is not merely a master of melody – in fact, he has been credited with being the best lyricist in South India.

Many of his characters display excellent vocal skills, but it is another thing to see him create a harmony between these various elements and bring it to life on the screen. His synchronization of voices and harmonies is what gives him the ability to transform simple events into something extra-ordinary.

Jayasurya¬†has a unique style of dancing that has made him a huge star in the UK. He is a master of choreographed dance routines and has choreographed for some of the world’s best dance lines, including in London during the London Olympics.

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He choreographed the rock choreography that accompanied the show in London. The gymnastics routine was also highly impressive. He has also choreographed for a number of Broadway shows and even appeared on stage with the Royal Ballet.

He has also written a number of songs in both the Tamil language and English. His English lyrics have featured in an Indian movie called “The Jungle.” His lyrics have also been featured in the Indian musical comedy show “Arundhati.” Some of his songs have also made it to the soundtrack for the Academy Award winning film “Pride and Prejudice.”

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One of the things that distinguishes Jayasurya from other performing artists who also sing nationalistically is the fact that Jayasurya sings with a Devanagari or Deva tone. Devanagari is a sharp, crisp tone that is typically associated with Tamil narration.

This is characteristic of all classical Tamil languages and it helps make the lyrics and tunes more impactful. Other performers who also sing with a Devanagari tone are: Pallavi, Koodal Azhar, Maqbool Fida Husain, and Murli Manali.

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Jayasurya’s other amazing characteristic is the dancing he does. He is known for his energetic dance moves that are punctuated with his distinctive voice. His dancing is quite unique as he is able to seamlessly combine modern dance moves with traditional Tamil moves.

He is also good at choreographing sequences of hand gestures, rhythms, and movements. Some of his most memorable dances are the bumpy dance he does during the song “Sutalini,” the cheeky dance he does for the song “Tears”, and the rumba-style dance he does for the song “Nyanyathe Periyar.” All of these dances have received praises from many music critics.

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Aside from being a great performer, Jayasurya is also well known for his charity work. He frequently visits nursing homes in New Delhi to raise funds for daily medical care for the residents. He has also established several scholarship funds at prominent universities in India. These scholarship grants are primarily targeted at students who are talented in performing arts. Most of them are women from lower and middle class families.

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