Top Ten List {Highest Paid You tuber} Stars of 2020

If there’s one thing, highest Paid You tuber appears to have a genuine handle on, it’s going through cash in the absolute craziest manners conceivable. From supercars for very enticing thumbnails to houses and way, way more.

The most fantastic highest Paid YouTubers have discovered some unfathomable approaches to utilize their prosperity for their diversion and our own. Be that as it may, of all the insane YouTube buys, what are, without a doubt, the greatest ones out there?

The Highest Paid You tuber Stars of 2020

Highest Paid You tuber

Well, if you thought you might have to comb through hours of vlogs from dozens of channels to find the answers, don’t worry; I already took care of that for you.

<1:Logan Paul Estimated Net Worth Well Over 19 Million:

 Ready to see the true extent of YouTube fame and fortune? Well then, let’s get it on! Logan Paul Originally making a name for himself on the vine, Logan Paul highest Paid You tuber sure has come a long way from 6-second clips. Sitting on an estimated net worth well over 19 million by even the most conservative estimates, the elder Paul brother has earned his spot on this list. Over his wild ride to success, Logan’s bought himself a 6.55 million dollar mansion in Encino, California, one of the most spacious and tricked-out bachelor pads around, of course.

Logan Paul Highest Paid You tuber

{Earning $150 Thousand Custom Mercedes G Wagon }

One of Logan’s favorite things is adding more and more great vehicles to his collection, like his $150 thousand custom Mercedes G Wagon, with over $100 thousand worth of upgrades and even a $15 thousand set of stairs installed for his best friend, Evan. Logan prefers having the option to spend time with his companions when he’s out and about. Because of this current, he’s gotten himself an $85 thousand deceived out the bus, a $130 thousand Sprinter Van, a $30 thousand Polaris slingshot, and even a $30 thousand Dodge Challenger. Be that as it may, autos and houses aren’t the costly primary resources Logan’s clutching. He’s also spent a crazy $60,000 on a Rolex Day-Date II, as well as an astounding $90 thousand on 2 Mercedes brand couches, and if you thought that was odd, he tossed down $20 thousand for his architect bed.

<2:David Dobrik Earned An Estimated $900 Thousand:

Having earned an estimated $900 thousand from his recent boxing match against KSI, it’s not hard to see why Logan spoils himself so much. David Dobrik highest Paid tuber is one of the most universally beloved and charismatic YouTubers ever to make it on the platforms, and for a good reason too.

David Dobrik highest paid you tuber in the Philippines

{Monthly $275 Thousand Paychecks}

Although his monthly $275 thousand paychecks took a severe cut, don’t let that fool you. Due to his celebrity and massive following, Dobrik works with tons of huge sponsors who pay him the big bucks and keep him able to live a luxurious lifestyle for himself and his friends. The super celeb lives in a $2.56 million California mansion, which has got to have a lot of garage space for all the cars he’s continually buying. Most famously, he drives around in a $110 thousand Tesla Model X.

{Drives A $245 Thousand Ferrari 458 Spyder }

In any case, in one way or another, the electric vehicle is the most discreet of his autos, as he likewise drives a $245 thousand Ferrari 458 spyder. Of course, Dobrik is more famous for the things he buys for other people, not himself. Over the years, he’s believed at least 19 cards for his friends, family, and even strangers. Among the most expensive of these cars is another of his trademark model X for his friend Jason, a Mercedes AMG for assistant Natalie, a Mustang for a stranger, a fifty thousand dollar Corvette for his friend Joe, and topping his own most lavish purchase, a $290 thousand Lamborghini for his friend Heath, and of course the rest of the 19 cars he’s given away.

 <3: Jake Paul Highest Paid You Tuber $100 Thousand:

As David himself says, Jake Paul’s highest Paid You tuber Just because he’s younger of the two brothers, that doesn’t mean that Jake Paul is lagging anywhere behind his older brother Logan. Between his massive following on youtube, his incredibly lucrative merch line, live shows, and his custom is traveling merch bus, worth about $100 thousand, Jake Paul seems to be a money-making machine.

Jake Paul how much money does the highest paid youtuber make


Estimated Net Worth Over $20 Million Dollars}

And what’s the point of having an estimated net worth of over 20 million dollars if you can’t splurge a little bit? Well, Jake Paul has done a fair bit of that, starting with his $7 million mansions. When it comes to someone to share that wealth with, Jake has no problem going all out, having put at least half a million dollars into his 2019 quote-unquote wedding. The marriage might not be real, but that price tag sure was. Jake’s likewise utilized his prosperity to do a second online business for his vehicles; among his great assortment is his 144 thousand dollar Tesla Model X, and the crown jewel of the collection, his 355 thousand dollar Lamborghini Hurracan Performance, as well as his tricked out Toyota Tacoma which is a little more than a 50 thousand dollars drifting toy.

<4: 10,000 Dollars Highest Paid You Tuber 2020:

Overall no matter what, no one can say that this 22-year-old isn’t killing it. MrBeast highest Paid You tuber While this incredible example of what a YouTuber can need no introduction, allow me to try to do him justice. Jimmy Donaldson is a 20-year-old online philanthropist who started the massive craze of doing challenges for vast amounts of MoneyMoney and making giving away vast sums of MoneyMoney and things one of the best ways to get big views on YouTube.

MrBeast Highest Paid You Tuber

{ Clarifications On $1 Million Dollars MrBeast}

Initially starting as a small YouTuber inspired by the likes of PewDiePie, when he happened to make a small fortune off some wise cryptocurrency investments at the age of 17, the North Carolina native invested his newfound wealth entirely into making crazy, expensive challenges that made for incredible YouTube videos. Some of the unique ways MrBeast has used his fortune have been by buying strangers houses, renting out a car dealership and giving away 20 cars to unsuspecting strangers, renting out a bank and giving everyone that enters free MoneyMoney, donating millions of dollars to dozens of unsuspecting Twitch and Mixer streamers, and most importantly, starting Team Trees raising Millions of dollars for the environment. And oh, let’s not forget the time he gave away $1 million in cash during one of his challenges. I mean… look at that thing!

>5: Dobre Brothers Estimated Net Worth Well Over 16 Thousand Dollars:

The Dobre Brothers highest Paid You tuber Although they’re taking up one shared spot on this list, don’t let that confuse you. Based on the best public estimates, these 20-year-old siblings make around 16 thousand dollars a day just from their YouTube views, that’s not including their huge merch lines, live shows, and Instagram pages. What that adds up to is a whole lot more money than anyone could ever reasonably spend at once, but that sure hasn’t stopped these twin vloggers from trying.

Dobre Brothers Highest Paid You tuber

{Most Extravagant Purchase Is They\’re $1.5 Million Mansions}

Among their most extravagant purchase is they’re $1.5 million mansions where they’re able to park the many vehicles they’ve collected over the years. Some of which include their $150 thousand Mercedes 4×4, a $180 thousand Nissan GTR Nismo, and a genuinely wild $335 thousand Ferrari 812 Superfast that the siblings have somehow figured out how to share. While they’ve accrued their fortune together, they still have a few personal toys, like Marcus’ $294 thousand Porsche GT2RS or Lucas’ $350 thousand Ferrari 488 Pista. On top of material things, though, the brothers love using their MoneyMoney on incredible experiences and crazy challenges for other people to benefit from, such as when they bought one of their old school teachers a Lamborghini of all things. If that isn’t amazing, I don’t know what it is.

<6: Jeffree Star Estimated Net Worth Well Over $14.6 Million:

Jeffree Star’s highest Paid You tuber; believe it or not, the makeup community on YouTube might be the most profitable part of YouTube, and no one could be more synonymous with the growth of that massive community than Jeffree Star. Along the way, the American YouTuber and businessman have picked up quite a penchant for luxury, and well, he’s got the bank to back it up.

Jeffree Star Highest Paid You tuber

{Jeffree Recently Moved Into A $14.6 Million Mansion}

Jeffree recently moved into a $14.6 million mansion, unlike any other YouTuber house on the platform. In addition to that, he famously treats himself to a handful of custom pink supercars that work on accessorizing his look better than any article of clothing. Among them are his $355 thousand Rolls Royce Wraith, his $200 thousand Lamborghini Hurracan, a second $200 thousand Lamborghini, this time a URUS, a one of a kind all-pink Tesla Model X, and his custom Barbie BMW i8. Of course, Jeffree isn’t selfish and shares his success with the people around him. In 2019 he surprised his boyfriend with his dream car, a yellow carbon-fiber Aston Martin Vantage, and if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Jeffree Starr doesn’t settle for the cheap stuff.

>7:KSI The Biggest You Tuber 30 Million Subscribers:

KSI’s highest Paid tuber is undoubtedly the biggest YouTuber to have come out of England, with almost 30 million subscribers across all his channels. Along his come up, he’s picked up gaming, vlogging, and even boxing, having had two boxing fights with fellow YouTuber Logan Paul, earning an estimated $5.5 million from the first fight, and making a bare minimum of $900 thousand from the second one in 2019, which he managed to pull a victory. With MoneyMoney like that, it’s no wonder KSI bought himself a $40 thousand Gold iPhone X.


{Is $40 Thousand Might Sound Like Years Worth Of Work Any Good}

And while $40 thousand might sound like years worth of work, its chump change to the British YouTuber who makes a minimum of 10 thousand dollars a day off just ad revenue alone. Honestly, compared to some of the massive purchases this UK YouTuber has made, 40 thousand dollars is downright embarrassing. His most unique assets were his $500 thousand custom-made chains with his fully iced out $200 thousand Rolex, which he treated himself to after a great 2018. KSI sure has come a long way over the years, and we can only expect more incredible things to come.

8: Ace Family $10 Million Highest Paid You Tuber 2020:

The Ace Family highest Paid You tuber vlogging has become a hugely successful part of YouTube, and among these family channels, none could be said to be more dominant than the Ace Family. The massive millionaire family recently moved out of one Mansion into another one; the previous one probably wasn’t luxurious enough for them. Still, hopefully, their massive $10 million property will hold them over for a while.

Ace Family

{280 Thousand Lamborghini Huracan}

However, they don’t spend too much time at home, frequently traveling to do live events and fan meet-ups or taking wildly extravagant vacations so they and their children can enjoy the vast spoils of YouTube wealth. Luckily they’ve got the net worth to keep their driveway stocked with a carousel of supercars, including their $320 thousand Rolls Royce$280 thousand Lamborghini Huracan Performante. When they want to look a bit more conservative, they can ride out in one of their multiple Jeeps, each a different color and just made for offroading.

>9:Money Kickz $320 thousand Highest Paid You tuber:

:Money Kickz

Rashed Belhasa, also known by his YouTube moniker of MoneyMoney Kickz highest Paid You tuber, is a Dubai born 18-year-old online celebrity, which makes his wild success all the more impressive. Initially starting as a blogger, Rashed grew to have his brand of clothes and shoes. Hence the name Money Kicks, and the young entrepreneur’s business, promoted through his ever-expanding online following, is booming. Originally, Rashed came from a family of Dubai based billionaires. Still, instead of just being a spoiled rich kid, Rasheed found an interest in working hard and building a name for himself, and he’s managed to do quite a lot in his 18 years. He regularly shows off his supercars, some from his family’s massive collection, but many bought with his MoneyMoney. A few that have been seen from the collection include Buggattis, Lamborghinis, and Rolls Royces, with no one but the family and a few close friends knowing the true extent of what their garage is packing. If that isn’t jaw-dropping,

>10:Bobby Misner 1000000 Billionaire\’s Earned An Estimated: 

Bobby Misner 1000000

I don’t know what it is. Bobby Misner’s most popular YouTubers 2020 While most entries on this list earned their MoneyMoney from working on YouTube; Bobby Misner is a unique case. The nearly infamous billionaire’s son became a real living meme when he dropped his video showcasing the extravagant lifestyle his family’s wealth allows him to enjoy. As a result, his YouTube channel and Instagram have become a trendy way to get a rare look into a world most people can only dream of. As most would expect, he’s always surrounded by expensive cars most people will only ever see in movies and mansions so big they look photoshopped as he travels around the world-hopping from one international hub of luxury to the next. While he does get a lot of casual ribbing and jokes online, odds are, the people doing it wish they could have his life, and that’s definitely enough to earn Bobby Misner a spot on this list.

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