Famous 20 Video Game Controversies Topics of the Last Decade

Every industry has its drama, but in the last ten years, controversies about video game topics have exploded, and with that success comes a couple of failures, hey everyone. I’m Ricky, and today we are counting down our picks for the top 20 video game controversies of the decade.

The suspense won’t last any longer. They draw the second divine spirit for this list; we’ll be looking at the loudest and most infamous video game controversies of the decade and ranking.

Top 20 Video Game Controversies Topics

Controversies Video Game Topics

1:The Epic Game Store In Is So Famous, But Why?

Epic Game Store

The systemic issue, but no one can be for sure of the application. We’re just too afraid to say it to the epic game store in such a short time. The epic game store has already caused a whole debacle. It launched in December 2018 and served as one of many competitors to Steam to draw gamers away from the competition epic has laid down a lot of cash to procure many timed exclusives of Triple-A games such as.

Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus these deals have caused an incredible uproar within the gaming community, with many PC users feeling like games were being held hostage, and it doesn’t help.

3: Small But Important Things To Observe In YouTubers Pato Praised The Xbox One.

YouTubers Pato Praised The Xbox One

It agreed to pay ten million dollars to all of its female employees in settlement YouTubers pato praised the Xbox One. With the rise of YouTube, personalities come deceptively business and advertising practices. An investigation by the Federal Trade Commission found that machinima and Microsoft.

In cahoots with popular YouTubers and influencers, they were paid upwards of $30,000 to promote the Xbox one and portray Microsoft in a positive light. They were forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement to keep it quiet the two companies issued a response saying that it was a quote.

3:The Reasons Why We Love Voice Actors Union Strike Game.

Voice Actors Union Strike Game.

A typical marketing partnership and quote typical or not, it didn’t seem to work very well now did it voice actors union strike. I have some exciting news for you where were you Tess West End district in 2016? The Screen Actors Guild partook in its longest strike in history, and it all had to do with video games.

The basic gist behind the strike is that voice actors wanted extra pay for best-selling games they had performed in arguing and that they should be entitled to the same amount of residuals that film and television performers earn, asking for a bonus for every two million copies sold with a cap at 8 million the industry company’s intern stated that a compensation for the voice actors would belittle.

The programmers’ critical work makes them feel less integral to the game’s success. This caused a massive debate online. Some sided with the voice actors and the union, while others called them greedy and entitled. Either way, it ended in September 2017, record-setting 340 days ahead.

4:This Story Behind The No Mans Lie In Will Haunt You Forever!

No Mans Lie

You’re freaking me out. What’s going no man lie is there any you’re worried the game might get boring after visiting. The first trillion plan few games launches this decade whereas bewilderingly disastrous as that of no man’s sky this was a little indie game created by a company no one ever heard of yet it was being pushed like it was half-life three it was advertised out the wazoo and gamers came to believe that it was the next significant evolution in gaming with the game’s frontrunner Shaun Murray is making some pretty bold claims about some of the game’s features the gaming community went nuclear once the game was released likening it to a cheap unfinished Kickstarter game and abusing both marae and hello games online it is now used as a prime example for how to avoid fatal marketing.

5:Why Is Everyone Talking About Gaming Disorder?

Controversies Video Game Topics

You don’t see yourself, so the only way you know what you look like is for somebody else to gaming disorder, and this behavior must continue despite these negative consequences. According to the World Health Organization, the internet went ballistic in 2018 when the World Health Organization added gaming disorder to their 11th revision of the International classification of diseases.

A gaming disorder is when playing video games quote takes precedence over other interests and daily activities and continuation despite the occurrence of negative consequences, in short, an unhealthy addiction despite admitting that gaming disorder affects only a small portion of gamers many people took the proclamation far too personally and became obnoxiously defensive toward.

6:Simple Guidance For You In Overworked And Poorly Treated Employees.

 Overworked And Poorly Treated Employees

Their hobby and active participation in it to them it was just another campaign against gaming by the bigwigs and when in fact attention to this type of behavior could be devoted in terms of potential health consequences overworked and poorly treated employees, making video games is a stressful endeavor, and that has never been more prevalent than it is right now game development had become a socially conscious issue thanks to countless reports of overworked employees harmful stress levels and insane crunch time this issue stretches back to 2004 when the famous EA spouse letter was made public the problem hasn’t resolved itself. Many big-name companies, including rock star epic EA telltale and CD Projekt RED, have been slammed with claims of stressed-out and overworked employees vague promises have been made to address.

7:Why Sexism At Riot Controversies Video Game topicsHad Been So Popular Till Now?

Sexism At Riot Games

Them based on clamor and spread let’s get to I hear the bard is already writing stories about you and you’re not even dead  at write games sexism controversies video Game topics remains a prominent problem in the gaming industry the most significant example being ride games back in the summer of 2018 Kotaku published an article titled inside the culture of sexism at Riot Games which exposed the company’s sexist traits and overt corporate culture included were numerous reports of unsolicited sexual advances unfair double standards and a general disrespect toward female workers much of which was confirmed by right employees over Twitter eventually a lawsuit was filed under the California Equal Pay Act and in December 2019

8:Things You Didn’t Know About The Fallout 76 Disaster:

 The Fallout 76 Disaster

That some of these titles were initially available on Steam for pre-order just weeks before the release of the fallout 76 disasters, we could spend all day discussing the numerous missteps that plagued the hotly anticipated Fallout 76. So many things went wrong that it can be used in the future as a case study in a total launch failure; for one thing, the game itself was filled with game-breaking bugs, dull gameplay, a non-existent story, and a suspiciously and hilariously empty open-world the extra goodies were also pitiful like the infamous nylon duffel bag and cheap plastic rum bottle oh and how can we forget that time when Bethesda accidentally ducks dozens of its customers.

9:How Much Do You Know about Bioware\’s Mismanagement?

The game’s launch was a complete PR nightmare and permanently affected Estes’s reputation for Bioware’s mismanagement. We need you for gonna pull this off, so welcome aboard; there was a time when Bioware was one of the most revered names in the industry games like Knights of the Old Republic, and Mass Effect helped perpetuate their reputation as masters of the story-driven video game in recent years we got Dragon Age Inquisition Mass Effect Andromeda and anthem the company clearly took a wrong turn and got lost, but no one really knew why that is until writer Jason Trier released three separate expose detailing gross mismanagement within Bioware during the development of those Afra mentioned titles this includes a complete lack of direction and oversight rush development cycles massive design overhauls and a total lack of communication within the company infrastructure Bioware is in shambles, and it’s heartbreaking to see I never planned to be Pathfinder I don’t know what’s out there where the Milky Way’s best and brightest we can do this number eleven telltale games calls it a day it’s a problem okay.

10:Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About The Walking Dead:The Walking Dead

I’ll step out of the apartment for just a second to see what kind of damage this drunk shit is going. Telltale was the name in gaming in 2012. When it released the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead controversies video Game topics, the company proceeded to chase acclaim and financial success through extensive IPS. Still, a combination of bland storytelling and a woefully outdated engine resulted in declining sales in September 2018. Telltale’s CEO surprisingly announced that the company was closing and that 90% of its workforce had been laid off. Unfortunately, this was also a surprise for said workers as they learned of their unemployment that very day failed to receive severance, and were forced to leave the building in 30 minutes. Their entire lives were upended in an hour, and the general gaming community was none too happy about it.

11:All You Need To Know About III DOCSIS Journalists:

III DOCSIS Journalists

I remember right everyone is born under a particular sign precisely it determines your personality that’s astrology, not astronomy whatever let’s make up our own III DOCSIS journalists. The gaming industry has been plagued with accidental leaks in recent years, and the problem stretches to e3. The Entertainment Software Association accidentally published the personal information of up to 2,000 journalists and content creators that attended e3, and it’s not like this information was well hidden and adequately secured. Nope, it was right there on the e3 website. While many attendees use their work contact info, many freelance journalists registered with their home addresses and cellphone numbers. Nothing overly malicious seems to have occurred to game journalists told Kotaku.

12:Learn The Truth About Csgo Lotto In The Next 60 Seconds:

That they had just received prank calls after their personal information is leaked so far, the ESA has done little. To make amends to breach of trust and some journalists have hinted into looking into a class-action lawsuit csgo lotto, breaking news now is that myself and a few other people including Tom or pro syndicate owned csgo to the skin economy, and Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a pretty well-known phenomenon within the gaming community, but it reached mainstream attention in 2016. When two YouTubers were caught in a gambling-related firestorm, the famous YouTubers in question. Trevor Martin and Tom Cassell always promoted an online skin casino called csgo lotto, which was accused of promoting and encouraging underage gambling. They came under further fire when it was revealed that they owned the website and failed to disclose this in their promotional videos. This flew in the face of Federal Trade Commission laws, and they were ordered to disclose.

13:Things That Make You Love And Hate Paying For Mods:

 Paying For Mods controversies video Game topics

Their business ties with websites and endorsements in future videos paying for controversies video Game topics mods in 2015. Bethesda involved saw a business opportunity in charging for Skyrim mods and jumped in the middle of ILA’s community. People were not willing to pay for mods and to make matters even more insulting, Bethesda involved promised creators only 25% of the profits. The fanbase grew so incensed and ravaged that the idea was abandoned entirely, but Bethesda did not learn their lesson and try charging money for mods again in 2017.

14:Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Glitch Chun Versus Blizzard.

Glitch Chun Versus Blizzard

The Bethesda creation club, though unlike last time Bethesda is sticking to their guns despite the backlash glitch Chun versus blizzard in late 2019. Blizzard was caught between the gaming community in Hong Kong and a monumental PR disaster. It all started when professional hearthstone player blitz Chun Dawn ski and gas mask and proclaimed his support for Hong Kong’s protests on a stream. This resulted in blitz Chun both losing his prize money and being banned for a year, which in turn started significant public backlash with players deleting their battlenet accounts in protest fan artists turning over Watts character may into a symbol of protests and even US politicians criticizing blizzards actions blizzards president J Alden brac also offered an apology at Blizzcon. Still, few people bought it. Blizzard shows it is willing to humiliate itself to please.

15:What You Know About Star Citizen And What You Don’t Know About Star Citizen

 Star Citizen 

The Chinese Communist Party no American company should censor calls for freedom. To make a quick buck, star citizen is a no-show, the Schrodinger’s cat of videogames star citizens somehow both is and isn’t a successful video game. The project has raised over 250 million dollars, mostly from crowdfunding, but with the increased budget has come increased scale, more features, and more and more ambiguous release date. Despite the fully playable alpha version available right now to early access backers, many people are still highly skeptical that a finished project will ever see the light of day furthermore the ability to buy in-game ships with real money.

16:Understand Konami Lives Long Enough To Become The Villain Before You Regret.

 Konami Lives Long Enough

The Alpha has drawn a lot of accusations of pay to win and it’s pretty hard to deny [Music]’Konami live long enough, to become the villain but unfortunately, he was informed by a lawyer representing Konami just recently that he would not be allowed to travel to tonight’s awards ceremony to accept any awards not long ago the word Konami conjured goodwill and served as a certifiable seal of guaranteed quality now they’re one of gaming’s certified villains while the company had notable controversies earlier in the decade things reached a boiling point in 2015 when Konami tried to seemingly erase the heralded Hideo Kojima from existence not only did they strip his name from their works and company listing but they banned him from attending the 2015 Game Awards later that year they scrapped the critically acclaimed PT and to no one’s surprise Kojima would leave the company the Japanese newspaper the Nikkei has also published claims of gross mismanagement within the company by constructing other companies not to hire former workers and preventing Kojima Productions employees from obtaining health insurance want you to know the deal.

17:You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Microtransactions.

That we’re thinking of you and we miss you, we hope to see you at the game Awards 2016 microtransactions god. I hate those words so much like hippies growing up into corporate suits our younger selves would be so disappointed in us for allowing this to happen back in the day microtransactions were reserved for very few titles. Gamers damn near started a riot / Oblivion’s horse armor today microtransactions. Loot boxes plagued the gaming industry, and it is headline-making news when a triple-a game is released without them. Let’s face it the age of the complete triple-a experience is dead. Microtransactions are here to stay. The youngest generation is being raised to believe.

18:How To Get People To Like Donald D Trump Suggests Video Games Are To Blame.

Donald D Trump Suggests Video Games

That they are expected within 5 or 10 years it won’t even be a controversy it’ll be the way of things Donald d Trump suggests controversies video Game topics are to blame it is too easy today for troubled youths to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence gun violence remains an enormous problem in the United States. Somehow someway accusatory fingers are still being pointed at video games following numerous tragedies. Trump blamed video games by essentially saying that they are a glorification of violence. He wasn’t the only one to blame games as conservative lawmakers like dan Patrick and Kevin McCarthy also decried violent video games; of course, the correlation between violent video games and real-life violence has been debunked countless times over but hey, anything to deflect and ignore.

19:The Ultimate Revelation Of Star Wars Mismanagement.

controversies video Game topics

The issue right it’s a controversies video Game topics something happens you restart we know that’s not how life is Star Wars mismanagement, some people will argue that the Star Wars franchise has gone down the drain in recent years and that includes both movies and video games EA has repeatedly mishandled the Star Wars license and really it’s getting pretty tiring both battlefront games were subjected to controversy including the first game’s lack of single-player and the second game’s infamous loot box fiasco that resulted in a government intervention they also canceled ragtag and closed visceral oh and they also canceled the hyped open-world game because it would take too long to make granted fallen order was received quite positively so hopefully there is a new hope on the horizon yeah maybe before we continue to be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos.

20:Everything You Need To Know About Gamergate.Gamergate

If you’re on your phone, make sure to go into your settings and switch on notifications gamergate. I’m always aware that there’s an enormous amount of hate directed towards me hate in the film of bomb threats. Gamergate is probably the most significant gaming-related controversy of all time, at least online. What started as a scandal involving a broken relationship between a video game developer and her ex-boyfriend quickly ballooned into a massive backlash against games journalism in general complete with accusations of sexism and harassment.

This is the moment where feminism became a dirty word among a lot of gamers. While the whole movement has seemingly cooled off in recent years, it feels as it could reignite at any moment; it’s fair to say the gaming community has gotten itself into a right mess.

Once you’ve sat down and tried that she identifies with you, I mean start to feel bad about not putting that option in your own game. This list is an excellent reminder that even though controversies video game topics has come so far in the past ten years, there are still a lot of issues that need to be ironed out things like equality of pay, better treatment of employees, and respecting controversies video Game topics time and money all need to be addressed in the next decade alright everyone.