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That’s right, anime girl cute, people it’s that time of year again, the one where we countdown the most popular impactful, and memorable female anime characters who made their debut this year. Keep in mind that we won’t be including characters who have already in previous years, which means that Mikoto goes from my hero academia and a historian from the attack on Titan is Unfortunately disqualified.

100+ Shira L green woods Anime Girl Cute

1000+ Anime Girl Cute Image Photo Stock

Get ready for like spoilers and plenty of fanboy rage down the line money to do Mitzvah see you have to do new use Henson’s books them Shira L green woods how not to Summon a demon lord. Well, some might view this as the year of the goblins we prepared to look at it as the year of the busty elves, the pinnacle example being this lovely lass, Shira is well what you see is what you get she’s a caring if the slightly ditzy elf whose only concerns are looking out for her friends filling his stomach and making some sweet magic with a demon master Diablo who a pleasure there’s something highly endearing about her simplistic butyl life, not to mention the fact that she’s all too happy throwing around what Mother Nature gave her no matter the situation.

200+ Pipi And Popuko Anime Girl Cute

Pipi And Popuko Anime Girl Cute

she’s far from your typical Noble, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing  PP Papa and I go, pop team epoch possessing both male and female voices parodying everything under the Sun flipping off audiences at a moment’s notice these two indeed were unique despite all the piss taken, they did towards numerous anime games and other pop culture icons these two always manage to maintain their crazy charm Pippa, I was still the one laughing. from the sidelines and dishing out the sass while Papago was often getting into trouble and losing her rag there’s no taboo that these two won’t touch.

300+ Hitomi Mishima Anime Girl Cute

Hitomi Mishima Anime Girl Cute

 Tommy Mishima matsuri  of the good-hearted ire circumstances would cause us to exhibit great sympathy case with Hitomi why because the more crap she finds herself in, the funnier it gets incapable of saying no to people, it doesn’t take long for this student to end up being blackmailed into being a farm eight as well as numerous other jobs to the point where she’s stuck in her special slice of hell, but her iron will and heart of gold lead her to keep moving forward oh well, at least she’s getting that bread oh yeah, me neither that’s good that’s a Johnny you’re like.

400+ Maharaj Yo Steins Anime Girl Cute

Maharaj Yo Steins Anime Girl Cute

 Maharaj yo steins gate zero sustained so they oxidize a mini cottage, and I saw car dock Shannara Kunal Sega’s Aerodyne iCarly Akira merito York it’s Rowan Iowa no one can replace Cory sue as the ultimate science BAE say for this miniature bombshell Jana nice dead now how come you two looks Ava, you do like an Ibis or as a senior associate who has all the smarts that oka Bey’s dearly departed darling had and then some, and as such took over as the new the resident genius of the gang bang said his snarky nature and insecurities about her height made it a character all of their one that we couldn’t help but come to adore throughout oka Bay’s continued time-traveling adventures just a shame we can see her and the real curry soo take turns in out setting the mad scientist


500+  Rin Shima Anime Girl Cute

Rin Shima Anime Girl Cute

Rin Shima laid-back camp gives you a knuckle yes I saw her crash quite collected and devoted to outdoor lifestyle watching this young girl set out on her various journeys to find the perfect camping spots made for some of the anime 2018 s most relaxing moments cool well, she’s very much a lone wolf at the start of the series, her frequent interactions with the rest of the out Club slowly leads her to form some truly sweet bonds, especially with Nadeshiko always refined and never seen without his signature scooter Rin for the great outdoors.

600+ Zero Two & Ichigo Anime Art Anime Girl Cute

Zero Two & Ichigo Anime Art Anime Girl Cute

 Dukie number Zero Two & Ichigo darling in the Franks give me that’s any what can I do as if we’re going to pick sides on this one the last inator look, daddy now and I kind of it’s like the Oscar ray conflict all over again while both had some rather major flaws Ichigo forcing herself on hero 0-2 turning into a spaceship, etc. these young ladies still managed to win plenty of hearts with their determination to defy their destinies and sacrifices in Apes game or was it VIN genealogy l ik e mechanic Anita bokudoh daddy dad Oh, either way, we can still all agree that 0-2 had some great sass moments and a heartbreaking backstory while Ichigo ended up maturing as a character

700+ Rika Takara Anime Girl Cute

Rika Takara Anime Girl Cute

We can all be proud of that surat al-alaq imam number four Rika Takara ssss grid man Tanami Cinnabon is going to you have to hand it. to trigger, they’ve laid out undisputed proof that thick thighs save lives, man Eve is thrown into the conflict between the newly resurrected grid man as well as the endless wave of kaiju that now appeared to be invading her town Rika proved herself to be both an outspoken young woman, I’m afraid to tell you to who’s boss while also serving as the fundamental instrument in assisting the iconic mecha in his endeavors and again by thank you trigger

800+ Glenn Anime Girl Cute

Glenn Anime Girl Cute

We mean it to number three Len sword art online alternative gun Gale online the best of both worlds, on the one hand, you’ve got Karen a bashful, yet undeniably lovable the young woman who has significant issues with how tall she is Jimmy – enjoy doctor then you’ve got land Karen’s in-game avatar who might look like a tiny pink ball of cuteness but in the actuality is a gun-slinging debit machine guaranteed to give you a game over with her Ichi trigger finger that you find an enemy player

900+ Violets Ever Garden Anime Girl Cute

Violets Ever Garden Anime Girl Cute

Who can look so innocent even as she’s layering you with bullets violets ever garden Sure, how much could I say nothing raised? to be a tool of war to the point where she was robbed of all human connectivity, and emotion violet found herself given a second a chance at happiness following the final words of her commanding officer before his death I love you from there this formerly soulless drone finds herself working as an auto memory doll a ghostwriter that assists with bringing the emotions paper Otsuka City Diner Matsushita with each the new experience we see violet slowly regainlearn about the depths of love and expression don’t be surprised letters  reducing you to tears luckily  before we reveal the trustworthy

1000+ Honorable Mentions Anime Girl Cute

1000+ Anime Girl Cute Image Photo Stock

Best Gil, here are a few honorable mentions. My Sakurajima rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai then disco dancer does she, so Daniel annoys Donna, your cousin from the moment she stepped onto the screen dressed as a Playboy bunny invisible to everyone but are dumbstruck lead we knew that I was something special afflicted with adolescent syndrome this no one can see the young actress unless she is within the public consciousness leaving her to test the limits of her predicaments by wandering about in the skimpiest outfit, she can think of well-cut them high gooeyness cynical yet compassionate quick as a whip and unmistakably alluring this the particular funny girl will eviscerate you with her silver tongue before setting your hearts aflame no see you sir doctoral Hannity Paquita big Americana he Paul Sturrock You’re a lucky lad, Sakata.