Ancient Egypt Art Dinosaur Tissue Eight Mummies

Ancient Egypt Art Dinosaur Tissue Eight Mummies

Cairo:Ancient Egypt Art Dinosaur Tissue Eight Mummies, secured the experts of the oldest civilizations in an archaeological discovery of more than a thousand sculptures, including at least 3,500 years old 8 distinguished (mummified bodies).

Archeology experts have been asked to increase number distinguished from, because it continues the search for historical artifacts from the tomb.

6 distinguished experts claimed to have discovered in the beginning, but was told a few hours after it was discovered 2 more distinguished.

According to experts, the search for artifacts from the tomb could shh lasted weeks, and may also be distinguished discovered.

Faraday foreign news agency ASP, quoted by Egypt’s Minister of Tourism Experts have discovered that a nearly archaeological Khalid distinguished at least 3,500 years old during excavations of the tombs of Lu xor in southern Egypt.

Khalid more than a thousand statues were discovered during the excavation of a nearly, when the artifacts from the tomb, it is expected that there will be further distinguished and sculptures.

8 sculptures were discovered 10 coffins, decorated with different colors that distinguished Archeology mission chief Mustafa Waziri said.

Distinguished least 3,500 years oldĀ bone Marrow Transplant

Archeology experts have seen red, black, blue, green and yellow colors of the distinguished decoration, arranged in different shades of antiquity were discovered during the excavation valuable pot.

Ministry signs the distinguished archaeologist 8, was discovered more than a thousand tombs near Luxor valuable sculptures and pottery patterns, Abu alnja Pass “, which is also called the Valley of the Kings.

The tomb of service as a judge in the city of antiquity who perform ‘Ararat a winning person, which has more than one room, the archaeologists said.

Ancient vessel found during the Excavation

Ancient vessel found during the ExcavationThe experts in a room of the tomb excavation work has not started yet, it is expected that other rooms will be distinguished and discover artifacts. Egypt antiquities and historic land of distinguished, here are distinguished also been discovered before, last year two thousand year old mummy was discovered a historic site near Cairo.


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